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Everyone has their own secret fantasies. Those fantasies can be very simple or extremely elaborate, but we all have them. The problem for most men is finding a person who can bring those delicious fantasies to life. Well, at Gorgeous Loves, we are in business to help you to solve that little problem, because our girls are completely equipped and able to make your wildest, most salacious fantasies a reality. Take a look at some of the most popular fantasies our clients ask for and imagine how the Gorgeous Loves girl of your choice can give you an experience you won’t forget.

Uniforms and role play

Role playing is one of the best things about booking one of our beautiful Hong Kong escorts. Why is that? Because first of all, our ladies are absolute experts at playing exactly the role that you are interested in. Also, if you are booking a girl for the first time, the illusion, and therefore the excitement, will be much more real than if you tried to imagine someone who you were already familiar with as a sexy maid or naughty nurse. Of course, the sexiness and special talents of our girls go without mentioning!

Are you wanting to fulfill your longtime desire of seducing the innocent French Maid, who has been teasing you with her short skirt as she dusts around the room? Do you wish that a naughty Nurse would make you feel better in ways that most hospitals don’t allow for? Perhaps you are tired of being the dominant person, and want a girl who can show up clad in leather, with all of the toys to bring you (literally) to your knees? We can do all that and more for you at Gorgeous Loves. Simply tell us what you’re interested in and we will do our best to make it happen


Different people are into different things, and for some, the typical encounter just will not do. While a night with one of our Gorgeous Ladies may be a dream come true no matter what for many of our clients, there are also many clients who have very specific desires and fantasies, which are things that we can definitely cater to with our talented girls.

Do you fantasize about having a young, hot girl to be your personal slave? Do you want to be able to take full control of your submissive partner, who must do whatever you say as you explore your most secret desires? Our girls are ready and oh so willing to be just that person for you as you turn one of them into your sexy little servant for an evening you won’t forget.

Maybe you are more interested in giving up control for a little while, though? If you have been a bad boy and you need a certain sexy someone who can “whip” you into shape, we have the perfect Hong Kong escorts for the job. Our leather-clad beauties will be happy to make you do their bidding, whether it includes blindfolding, punishing, or anything else that pleases your master for the night.


Everyone knows about the famous striptease, where a sexy, alluring woman moves seductively while slowly revealing more and more of herselfto drive whoever is watching her insane. However, most of the time, a striptease ends right where it begins: with pure teasing. At Gorgeous Loves, when one of our girls performs a striptease that will have you ready to go crazy, that is not the end of the night. In fact, it is only the beginning. Make sure to have one of our wonderful Hong Kong escorts perform a striptease just for you, and you will have a new definition of desire.

Geisha Services

Whether you live in Asia or are just visiting, you probably want to engage in something more traditional at some point in Hong Kong. What could be more traditional than the Geisha, the legendary pleasure girls of the Orient? Geishas are known throughout history as being the most sophisticated, classy, beautiful, and outright sexy girls, with a mindset that was all about pleasing others.

At Gorgeous Loves, our world-class ladies can transform into Geishas that are fit for your wildest, most indulgent fantasies. Our sexy girls have the type of elegance and sexuality that will make you beg for more as they serve your every whim- they can bathe you, rub you down sensuously, or seduce you through a hypnotic dance that will have you testing the limits of your self control.

There is certainly no rush when you spend time with a Geisha, and our girls understand that mentality. They want to make sure to satisfy all of your urges and desires, which means all of the rubbing, touching, kissing, licking, and fondling that you can handle. Let the desire build for one another as you explore what each other have to offer, and you will wonder why you didn’t find your own personal Geisha long ago.


There is something for everybody at Gorgeous Loves. We cater to all kinds of desires, from the more average fantasies to the simple, yet extremely effective, fantasies such as voyeurism. If you are one who likes to watch, you will love watching our sexy ladies.

The appeal of watching women who are unaware is obvious. There is a certain excitement to watching a girl as she gets dressed (or better yet, undressed), takes a bath, and so on. Of course, part of the sexiness of it is that she doesn’t know you are there, and the act is very forbidden. What if you were to get caught? What if she was to find out? The whole idea is enough to get your blood pumping and make you strongly desire for the release that you need.

You can build your own fantasy come to life with one of our girls, whether you want to watch simply as an introduction to the night’s events or whether watching is all you are interested in doing. What do you want your Hong Kong escort to be doing when you are watching? It’s all up to you, even if you want to watch secretly while two of our ladies explore one another during a night of drinks and fun that goes farther than intended. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Hot Vibrator

Since we pride ourselves on knowing what you need at Gorgeous Loves, we understand that sometimes you don’t just want to “hop right into” it. Instead, you want to savor the time that you spend with our beautiful, one of a kind escorts, and the hot vibrator show definitely allows you to do just that. Imagine picking one of our lovely ladies and simply watching as she tantalizes and pleases herself with massage oils on her beautiful, perfect body before taking a vibrator all over her body and finally reaching the most forbidden of locations…and that’s where you come in.

Three Company

One of our most popular packages is always the Duo booking, because it allows men to live out their most special of fantasies: two girls at once. But for the extraordinary guy who is undaunted by two beautiful women at one time, there is Three’s Company, where you can have not one, not two, but three perfect girls that are there for one reason only: to please you. This particular fantasy is not only a dream come true, but a challenge. Are you up to the task? Can you handle three of our ladies at once? If you can, this is perfect for you.

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